GDW intelligence

GDW intelligence

GDW intelligence (GDW-i) is a policy support system providing live dam mapping, curation, research, analysis and visualisation tools for dam data at the national and basin scale. It allows addition and editing of dam data by country and basin and also supports analysis, visualisation and download of data.  GDW-i provides a suite of analytical tools  in support of policy and decision making.   

Data within GDW-i are a work in progress and may contain duplicate records, missing dams, missing or uncertain attributes.  Before using GDW-i data for a basin or country that you know, spend some time to curate and verify the data, if that has not already been done.

Volunteers and interns are sought to help curate the 150,000 records in GDW-i, contact us if interested.

Examples of the types of analyses possible include:

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