GDW consensus global database

The GDW consensus global database

The GDW consensus global database (GDW-g) is under development and due for release by end of 2023.  It brings together the GDW core datasets in a consistent way enabling for global-scale analyses

GDW Core datasets

Each of the three GDW core datasets has been developed over many years with a particular focus and methodology. 

Currently, some overlaps exist between the datasets. For example, large dams mapped by GRanD may also exist in GOODD, though the GOODD dam points are location-only and do not carry the attribute data found in GRanD. Dams that were under construction before 2015 may have been captured by FHReD; those that have been completed since may also be reflected as completed and operational in GRanD or GOODD, though again without attribute data.   Our consensus database brings these core datasets together, with others, in a consistent way.